Giving Back.

I LOVE to sew!  I LOVE that my mom and an amazing sister-in-law taught me most of what I know.  I dare say I have even been ‘blessed’ with the talent to do it pretty well.  I am humbled when friends and customers are more confident in my skills than I am…and trust me with making things to celebrate milestones in their life’s and the lives of their loved ones.  I’ve been able to make some pretty fun things over the years.

I am constantly feeling the desire to ‘give back.’  I’m a dreamer.  I have high hopes that one day I can even create a foundation of my own. (That is an entirely separate post.  But it would involve the quest to make sure every little sick girl in every hospital has a headband and bow that make her feel like the Princess she is.)  In the mean time though, and while I am still raising little ones, I have found one little way to give back!

A few months ago, I came across the Margaret’s Hope Chest Blog.  An excerpt from the Directors Message on their website… “Margaret’s Hope Chest is a blending of two passions in my life – quilting and helping to spread God’s hope in a broken world.”  Basically, they give quilts to people who need them.  Among the receivers are children of parents who have been incarcerated.  They make quilts to give to the children FROM their incarcerated parent.  How cool is that?  Quilts have been donated to many other causes as well, from babies in Haiti to young men in Honduras and so many others.  (You can read THIS post to get an idea of the good they have spread.)  It is such a fabulous organization.

Every other month they have a new ‘Project HOPE’.  You can see March/April’s project HERE.  Essentially, they give you a tutorial, and a little direction, and as you to send in completed quilt blocks, which they will turn into quilts.  The reason I LOVE these projects?  I don’t have the time right now to make and donate full quilts, but I certainly can find the time to make a few blocks to send!  Below are my contributions for the March/April project.

Although I get the opportunity to give back, I get to learn something in return!  A new sewing technique or block that I might not have otherwise known.  It’s a win, win!  I’ve only been involved for a few months, but I think that somebody at just about any sewing skill level could participate.  And yes, it feels good to give back a little. 

If nothing else, I hope this helps you to think of ways YOU can give back, in some small way or another.  If it’s joining the cause of Margaret’s Hope Chest, AWESOME!