Well Hey!

Hi!  If you are here from Get Your Craft On, thanks for stopping by!  I am so excited that Lynette is featuring me as a guest on her BLOG.  We are doing a give-away over there for a {Bryar} Vintage Lace Crown.  Be sure to check it out for all the details!

This blog is still in it’s infancy, but I am so excited to fill it up with all kinds of fun things.  I hope that you’ll check back often to take a look.  AND…just maybe…I’ve got some fun give-a-ways planned for the coming weeks, and even a coupon code or two.

In the mean time, I am having a fun time filling up some of my ‘pages’.  I recently added a quilt gallery with photos of most of my recent quilts!

Again, Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you again soon!


Vintage Lace Crowns

Photographers, this one’s for you!  I’ve started a new collection called ‘Sweet Bryar – Couture Crowns’.  These gorgeous crowns are made from vintage lace that I have stiffened and given a beautiful coat of paint.  The larger crowns have a sweet ribbon rosette and feathers attached to give them that extra touch of ‘couture’.

Thanks to my SUPER TALENTED friend Stacy, of http://www.focusphotographyllc.com, who provided me with some beautiful photos of the crowns.

The {Bryar}

The {Sage}

The {Abbey}

As you can see, our crowns make beautiful photo props!  These crowns are great for princes and princesses of all ages.  Simply place on an infants head for elegant and royal newborn photos, or bobby-pin into the hair for older children.

These beautiful crowns are now available in my ETSY shop at http://www.sweetbryar.etsy.com, or on my website at http://www.allthetrend.com.

As little perk for checking out my new blog (and for making it this far down the post….haha!) Use the code NEWBLOG0 (that’s a zero, not an ‘o’) for free shipping from my ETSY shop!  (Also, be sure to read the shop announcement for another opportunity of future savings!)

One final blurb…when I said I’m using Vintage Lace, It’ no joke!  I was the recipient of my friend’s Great-Grandmother’s stash of lace.  Awesome!  Most of the lace is AT LEAST 30 years old!  The stash was handed down to my friend’s Grandmother, who upon passing it along to me said “I hope that you can have a little fun with this and make something beautiful.”  Well Grandma Dorris, I hope I am making you proud!