Raggie Quilt – Sweet n’ Sassy!

What a fun little quilt!  I seriously love everything about this blanket.  Raggie quilts are some of my favorite.  Why?  Because they truly get BETTER and BETTER with use. 

This quilt is freshly made and nice and crisp for photos and shipping, but washing and drying a raggie quilt is what gives it is charm!  Each of those little ‘frays’ get nice and fuzzy and oh so soft after a few times through the laundry.  I haven’t come across a baby (or mommy) yet who doesn’t absolutely love the texture of a raggie quilt.  

This darling quilt measures 39″ wide x 49″ long.  It is made entirely out of soft and luxurious flannel.  A favorite among most babies!  And I mean really…can you resist a quilt that has both zebra stripes and sweet little butterflies?  Fantastic!

If you’d like to make this quilt your own, or to give as a gift to somebody you love – it will be listed in my shop by this evening!  It is now for sale at http://www.allthetrend.com!


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