Give-Away WINNER Announced!

Wow!  Thank you so much for all your participation.  I know that I had tons of fun perusing through all of the fun give-a-ways, and definitely found some new blogs that I’ll be checking out.

I LOVE all of the fun ideas that you gave me, and I’ll definitely be trying a few of the ideas.

And now for the winner… (selected using


Shannon – who said… “My girl would love the sprinkles one. I would sport a bow with nuts and bolts in it —”

Shannon, I’ll be sending you an e-mail to get your information.

And now…back to my vacation!  Enjoying Virginia Beach with my family.  (Although, not so much enjoying the sunburn that I got yesterday.) 🙂


Sew,Mama,Sew! Give Away Day!

What an exciting day!  Sew,Mama,Sew! Blog’s Give Away Day is TODAY!  If you’ve made your way here from their link, WELCOME!!  I’m so glad you are here.  Thanks for stopping by.

Haven’t heard about Give Away Day?  One word: AWESOME!  Hundreds of craft blogs join together and each do a give-away.  All you have to do is go HERE to see all the links and items being given-away.  Most only require leaving a simple comment or answering a question to be entered.  You just might win a thing or two…but in the process you are guaranteed to find some new adorable blogs and shops.  Good Luck!

I’m super excited about MY give-away.  Remember the {Candy Shop} Hair Bows that I introduced in my last post?  Well…I thought it would be fun to give a few of those cuties away.  (I had a BIG craft show this past weekend, and they were a HUGE success, so I hope that you like them too!) 

The winner can choose their THREE favorite {Candy Shop} Bows.  I am happy to ship internationally, so my Give-Away is open to everyone!  (Click on the image to see a close-up!)


To enter the Give-Away I’d love for you to leave me a comment telling me what YOU think would be fun to fill a {Candy Shop} Hair Bow with.  (Be creative, it doesn’t have to be practical, this is just for fun!)  The give-away will be open until 10:00 PM EST on Friday, May 25th.  We will be traveling for the holiday weekend, but I plan to announce the winner by Sunday, June 27th.  The winner will be chosen using Random Generator, so that it is fair!  Also, please be sure to leave your e-mail address, so that I can contact you when you win!

Thanks again for ‘playing’!  I hope that you’ll stop by again soon.  You can also follow me at


{Candy Shop} Hair Bows

So…were YOU a child of the 80’s?  Did YOU wear hair bows filled with all types of fun things?  If so, these will be super nostalgic to you.  If you are a first timer…PURE AWESOMENESS! 

I haven’t seen anything like these fun bows in years.  The idea to re-create these adorable bows from my childhood has been rolling around in my head for months.  I finally was able to catch a minute yesterday to indulge myself! 

I mean really…what is there not to love about a ‘hair bow’ filled with sprinkles…

Or runts…

Or buttons…

Or whatever you little ‘heart’ desires!…

I’m super excited to ‘debut’ the new bows at my big craft fair this weekend and to see what the response it.

What do you think?  What would you put into your {Candy Shop} hair bow?

Get them first in my booth this Saturday (Warrenton Spring Main Street Festival – My assigned location is in front of the Post Office.)  {Candy Shop} hair bows will be for sale online at Monday morning!


So…contrary to what my 1st grader is taught in school, there are more than four seasons in a year.

At least at our house there is!

Oh sure, we enjoy winter, spring, summer and fall;  but at the Pugmire house we also observe ‘craft fair season’, which happens twice a year.  Craft Fair Season ,spring version, is currently overtaking our house!

What does this mean exactly?  It means that I wake up early (like before the sun 😉 ) and stay up late, and sew/craft/create every possible waking moment.  (Except of course when I get to play mommy to the boys…)  I’m preparing for this weekend.  One of my biggest sale weekends of the year! (Warrenton Main Street Spring Festival…SO MUCH FUN!)

I love having a booth in craft fairs.  They are so much fun.  Tons of work, but the fun makes up for it.  I always try my best to have TONS of ‘inventory’ there to sell.  My sewing machine has been working over-time!  I won’t put everything up on the website until after the Festival is over, but here is a delicious little stack of Infant Car Seat Blankets that I finished up today.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Infant Car Seat Blankets.  They are one of the ‘original’ products that jump started All The Trend, LLC.  Interestingly enough, they are still one of my best sellers too!  I mean, the concept is AWESOME!  A cute and stylish blanket that is made to shield your baby from the elements, while keeping him safely buckled into his car seat.  It was one of my favorite accessories for sure.

If you haven’t seen one in use, this will give you an idea of it’s awesomeness!

There are a handful of Infant Car Seat Blankets listed in my shop right now, but after this weekend, I’m sure I’ll have more to add.

Stay tuned to see what other fun things I’ve been working on for the fair…


Do you ever feel like you need a weekend to recover from your weekend?  Luckily, that means it was AWESOME!

The best part?  I got pampered and loved on by my husband and these two adorable little stinkers.

I’m one lucky gal!

I hope that all of you ladies out there had a fantastic Mother’s Day!  YOU deserve it!

I’ve been sewing up a storm the past couple weeks.  When I give myself a little brake later today or possibly tomorrow I’ll show you what I’ve been up to.  Fun stuff!  So stay tuned…

Well Hey!

Hi!  If you are here from Get Your Craft On, thanks for stopping by!  I am so excited that Lynette is featuring me as a guest on her BLOG.  We are doing a give-away over there for a {Bryar} Vintage Lace Crown.  Be sure to check it out for all the details!

This blog is still in it’s infancy, but I am so excited to fill it up with all kinds of fun things.  I hope that you’ll check back often to take a look.  AND…just maybe…I’ve got some fun give-a-ways planned for the coming weeks, and even a coupon code or two.

In the mean time, I am having a fun time filling up some of my ‘pages’.  I recently added a quilt gallery with photos of most of my recent quilts!

Again, Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you again soon!

Raggie Quilt – Sweet n’ Sassy!

What a fun little quilt!  I seriously love everything about this blanket.  Raggie quilts are some of my favorite.  Why?  Because they truly get BETTER and BETTER with use. 

This quilt is freshly made and nice and crisp for photos and shipping, but washing and drying a raggie quilt is what gives it is charm!  Each of those little ‘frays’ get nice and fuzzy and oh so soft after a few times through the laundry.  I haven’t come across a baby (or mommy) yet who doesn’t absolutely love the texture of a raggie quilt.  

This darling quilt measures 39″ wide x 49″ long.  It is made entirely out of soft and luxurious flannel.  A favorite among most babies!  And I mean really…can you resist a quilt that has both zebra stripes and sweet little butterflies?  Fantastic!

If you’d like to make this quilt your own, or to give as a gift to somebody you love – it will be listed in my shop by this evening!  It is now for sale at!